Wallingford Craftsman
Street view shows renovated 1910 house with its new roof, dormer and cross gable roof at entry.View prior to renovation shows original gable roof with a tiny shed dormer facing view of Portage Bay.  Pergola was roofed and decks extended in earlier remodels.Entry is now more obvious with new gable roof and a clear path from sidewalk. Original 12x12 posts were retained  to support new beams and roof.View from south shows new gable roof.  Plate height and roof pitch were increased slightly to gain headroom on second floor. Shingles were replaced above water table, pre-stained and laid in double courses to match original design.Close-up shows new tongue and groove roof sheathing, exposed framing and half-round gutters-- all period-appropriate details for a 1910 house.  New windows are dual-glazed, but match existing details.Deep overhangs had protected siding for over 100 years.  Original cedar bevel siding was patched and restored. Note flared shingles above windows.  We replicated original detail used by builders to protect first floor windows in gable ends.New entry porch roof is a cross gable supported by existing posts.  We did not modify stair, porch or decks, but added new stained cedar guardrails with slats for privacy.Existing French doors opened to a deck that had been built over garage in an earlier remodel.  We rebuilt pergola, adding clear polycarbonate panels for weather protection.Back view shows house prior to renovation.  There was a small dormer for second floor bath, built in an earlier remodel. Similar view after renovation shows new shed roof dormer that enclosed  two bathrooms and master closet.This is our new second floor under construction.  Opening in floor is existing stair with chimney beyond.  Ridge beam allowed vaulted ceilings.  We included 3 skylights to balance light and assist ventilation.Venting skylight at top of stairs brings light and air into the center of house, and makes this space much more pleasant.  Skylights are on back slope of roof, and not visible from front.View from middle bedroom is looking toward washer-dryer closet.  Many families prefer laundry on same floor as bedrooms.  Makes sense.View is from top of stairs looking southeast into middle bedroom and master suite.  Bedrooms have different wall colors, but the same natural fir ceiling and neutral carpet.
We redesigned and expanded second floor of this Craftsman house in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood.  Dormers and roof were rebuilt to create more useable space. Front-facing dormer provides a terrific view east to Portage Bay.  Layout includes master suite, two more bedrooms, bath and laundry.  Beadboard ceilings are vaulted with skylights on back slope.  Exterior was fully restored.  We also replaced a flat soffit at entry with new gable roof.  Our work received 2012 Wallingford Design Award.