Orcas Summer Camp
"Garden House" and "Carriage House" face south.  They provide new staff housing for a childrens' summer camp founded here in the 1920s. Our new buildings were located in an open meadow above an enclosed garden.  They are the first buildings seen as one enters camp.  We designed them to resemble an early 20th Century island farm.This view of "Garden House" is from stair to apartment above garage.  Buildings have lightly stained red cedar siding with Zincalume corrugated roofs.We scaled down the massing of "Carriage House" by adding sheds to both ends and cross gables.   In the heirarchy, we thought garage should appear an accessory to main house.View shows "Carriage House" exterior entries and terminus of drive.  Studio apartment was intended for resident gardener, a perch for him to oversee his domain.  Inside is a single room with vaulted ceilings, wood stove, kitchenette and bath."Garden Workshop" and greenhouse were located along an existing drive, and sited to form a work court with existing shop.Tall roof of workshop was extended to become a ceramonial portal for campers entering the garden.  Barn doors open workshop to garden.  Campers use this building for their projects.In a wooded area on the other side of camp we built this new cottage for Headmistress of Girls Camp.  Tall window faces south to catch a few rays.  Covered entry is to the left.  In a similar view during construction we see red cedar shingles, decking and trim being installed.This side of "Holiday House" faces the water. Kitchen and terrace were designed to step downhill, and not obstruct views from studio living room.We love construction shots like this where everything is so crisp and new!  You can almost smell the fresh cedar.This is studio living room of "Holiday House" shortly before Headmistress moved in.  In the evenings during camp she will share this space with other counselors after the kids have gone to bed.All island summers end too soon.
Our additions to a well established Orcas Island, WA, summer camp included several new buildings designed to appear familiar, and as if they had always been there: Garden House and adjacent Carriage House were located above an enclosed garden with Garden Workshop below.  Elsewhere, on a wooded site overlooking the water we designed Holiday House for the  Headmistress of girls camp.