Parsons House
Amazing early photo shows Parsons House at its original location in Pasadena, CA, SE corner of S. Los Robles Ave. and E. California Blvd.  Although one of the city's finest bungalows, in 1980 it was to be torn down for a spec condo.We moved house to site four miles away in Altadena, CA.  It had to be cut into three sections.  Photo shows it soon after restoration began.  New foundation was built, and the building lowered onto it.Once the house was secured to new foundation and a roof installed we began  extensive restoration which took almost two years to complete.Recent photo (2012) courtesy of Michael Locke, Photographer, shows house well grounded to site with mature landscaping, as if it had always been there.View from sidewalk courtesy of photographer Alexander Vertikoff shows Parsons House in early 1990s.  We built a boulder retaining wall at the lower end of site, and backfilled to reduce the slope. Front porch faces southeast.  This view shows reconstructed boulder columns, chimney and base.  Porch roof framing was also reconstructed by Ken Rideout and crew.View from southwest shows  raised courtyard accessible through French doors from living room, dining room and master bedroom.   We added bump-out, far left, expanding master bedroom closet into a bathroom.In restoration we tipped house to face corner.  This allowed all principal rooms have a nice view of the mountains, and more useable outdoor spaces.Newly restored, view is of unfurnished living room from dining room.  Original entry, inglenook and other features were largely intact.  Only their finishes had to be restored.  We selected earthy paint colors to complement quartered oak trim and terra cotta pavers.Dining room buffet included this art glass landscape scene.  It was originally backlit with those new fangled incandescent light bulbs.We designed a new art glass ceiling lantern for master bedroom.  Motif in center repeats original entry door, while California poppies recall Altadena in 1910.View is from new master bath looking south into bedroom.  Combining former closet with a new bay provided enough space for bath.
Arts & Crafts (1910) Parsons House by architects Arthur and Alfred Heineman was saved from demolition, moved in sections and restored on a new site several miles away.  Boulder columns, chimney and base had to be rebuilt, but closely match their original appearance.  Every surface was restored as the building slowly came back together.  We added a new kitchen, family room, master bath, detached garage and studio.
Michael Locke, Photographer