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Mid Century Modern
Mid-Century Modern addition
Our addition is south of 1949 house and provides a new entry. A lovely sycamore tree defined limits of expansion and corner of living room.
Approach to house is from drive.  Entry was in the end wall of living room, so it became a hallway. New entry is red door, located where the rooms join.
Entry includes a coat closet and lift-top bench for firewood. It is clear this is where original  and new portions of the house connect.
New living room with exposed beams has transoms in between. Continuous soffit sets height for doors and alcove. Shoji-like sliding glass doors open to a covered terrace.
Original dining room is seen from entry with kitchen beyond. Our addition is slab on grade and aligns with original 1949 house. Quarry tile was added throughout for consistency.
Original galley kitchen has been preserved with only small changes.
Former living room is now a study without a door in end wall.  Pergola at the left is above our new entry.
View from southwest shows sycamore tree in corner of addition. Cantilevered roof provides a shaded terrace in hot summer months.
East entry to addition from garden has a pergola hovering over French doors.
This is how the house appears as one approaches from driveway.
This is an addition to a small 1949 house designed by architect Robert Gordon.  We added a new entry, living room and covered terrace. Entry forms a link between new and  existing rooms in an open plan.  We extended original post and beam construction with exposed beams. Our new walls are finished in rough sawn fir exterior plywood. New floor tile unifies open plan.