Madison Park Mediterranean
1930s photo shows original one story bungalow with flat roof and parapets.  Houses like this were very popular in California, but less so in soggy Northwest.  Walls are masonry veneer over wood frame with stucco finish.This is a front view of house as construction got underway. Flat roofs and parapets had leaked, and caused considerable water damage to framing.  Second floor addition allowed us to fix this, and build a new sloped roof over entire house.Closer view of house shows 1980s master bedroom addition extending over parapet. This space was reworked and  integrated into our design with a new vaulted ceiling.This is front view of house as completed.  Two new bedrooms are in front with playroom, master suite and bath behind.  Walls were restuccoed in this delicious mango color.  Main floor entry, living room and bedroom were left untouched by renovation.View from backyard shows completed second floor.  1980s additions were modified  to fit Spanish Colonial tradition.  New windows were recessed so walls appear thicker.  Pergola provides partial cover for terrace. French doors open from dining room.  Stair landing is at tall window.

Our new kitchen, family room and dining room on main floor are open to one another and vertically to other floors.  New roof includes skylights above a light well to bring natural light into the center of the house.  See-through stairs have oak butcherblock treads.New kitchen includes island and office alcove.  Venting skylights above light well made a huge difference.  The space is bright and airy, and light is balanced throughout.
Our second floor addition to this 1920s Mediterranean  Revival house added two new bedrooms for the kids, a playroom and bath.  Master suite and stair from an earlier remodel (by previous owners) was reworked and integrated to complete second floor.  Exterior design is consistent with original Spanish Colonial style, but interior has been transformed.  It is now bright and modern with three floors open vertically to one another and the backyard.