Macky Hall
East view of Macky Hall before restoration shows extent of additions that had accumulated since 1922.  While it is never easy to give up useable space, the college decided it was time to restore the building.We recommended removing several additions from north side of building to recover its original massing and character.This was the messy part, tearing into the building to recover its shape.Several tumors were removed.  This view shows the building coming back together.East view with restoration complete.  Some additions were retained, while others were modified to better integrate with overall design.View of Macky from main campus route with restoration complete. Handicap access ramp was added to the corner, and integrated with base.We found when the porches were enclosed original seven foot tall turned columns were removed.  Our new redwood columns were turned using largest industrial lathe we could find.Front view of house before  restoration shows at left the additions that we removed.  Front porch was opened and restored, and a window punched into stairwell was resolved.Front view after restoration shows open porch and new windows in stairwell (view of San Francisco Bay from landing was too good to give up).Restored entry porch shows our new columns and ballustrade. It would have ruined scale to make 42" high guardrails, as required by code, so we installed a steel handrail above. 

View from Martinez Hall shows restored roofs and details with our new low-key color palette.  Yes, those are red cedar shingles, as used on the original house.View shows entry to Macky Hall from campus with its new handicap access ramp.Macky Hall entry at main floor.  Stepped windows are on front elevation.  Building currently houses Office of President, Academic Affairs and Student Records.View is second floor at top of stairs and shows new windows with entry to Office of President.
Macky Hall is the converted c.1880 Treadwell house by architect Clinton Day.  It has been the centerpiece of California College of the Arts since moving to this site in 1922. As the school grew the building was adapted, with additions built on earlier additions to capture more space.  We restored Macky Hall, not to its original state, but as a respectful adaptation of a house into campus offices.