La Casita
La Casita was placed in a lower garden and connected to the main house by stairs shown on the right.   Surrounded by lush gardens and next to a naturalistic pool, it is a pleasant retreat.Looking downhill to La Casita from main house the view is dominated by mission tile roof.  We salvaged and reused tiles from demolished garage.  This view of lower garden shows naturalistic swimming pool.  To the right of French doors is a single door into bath  for its use as a cabana. Terrace on south side of cabana is out of view from main house, and seems quite private.Wall bed can be lowered into this room for overnight guests.  French doors open to terrace and pool.Opposite view shows a large corner fireplace, focal point of the room. To the right is an open counter and kitchenette.  Through French doors we see new garage that is attached to main house.
La Casita is a new guest cottage and pool cabana designed to match the main house, a lovely 1920s Spanish Colonial Revival. It replaced a backyard garage, and overlooks a new swimming pool. Interior is one large room with a separate bath. Plan includes a kitchenette, fireplace, dining area and a wall bed for overnight guests. Garage was replaced with a new one built closer to the street, and attached to house.