Kim's Cape
Kim's Cape prior to renovation shows blue vinyl siding, recessed entry slightly off-center and wrap-around corner windows.  Garage is the most prominent feature. Original siding could not be salvaged, and was replaced with Hardie Artisan Plank. New doors and windows made quite an impact.  Only addition was new porch.Exterior shows consistent use of colonial revival details to develop Cape Cod  theme.  It has a classic all white exterior with Essex green sash and entry door.Details are crisp and clear with house painted all white.  "Carriage house doors" are beadboard, opening outward on strap hinges.  Porch is of handmade brick. Classical details are modest and appropriate for a cottage.  Door now aligns with front wall, and includes bullseye glass in top lights.  Paneling between pilasters suggests an outdoor room.Vertically proportioned doors and windows and portico have transformed the house.  Key to resolving design was to select a coherent vision, and follow through in details.

When Kim bought her house it was clad in grubby vinyl siding, windows had been swollen shut for years and design was weak. Small changes transformed the 1942 spec house into a Cape Cod cottage, which is what she was after.  We replaced siding, doors and windows.  A new porch brought focus and cover to entry, as well as setting the character for renovation. We drew from 1920-30s Colonial Revival— some say more so than we should have!