Chinook Wines
We developed a master plan for Chinook Wines in Prosser, WA, with owners Clay Mackey and Kay Simon.  The first new structures we added were canopies for grape crushing equipment and a workshop.  These were modeled on early Yakima Valley farm buildings, and they look right at home. Our new workshop is 21' x 31' with porches on both ends.  It has an open plan, and there is a storage loft above.  Crushing equipment is located in front of existing winery.  Gardens and tasting room remain intact.
workshop for Chinook Wines
We designed new canopies to cover grape crushing equipment located in front of existing winery.  Structures are tubular steel with corrugated steel roofs.  Roofs match shallow pitch of additions to original barn.Structures were made of steel to resist harsh weather and high winds.  Workshop under construction can be seen to the right of winery.New workshop will serve a variety of purposes, and includes a toilet room.  Above is a storage loft accessible from interior pull-down stair or exterior hay loft doors.Six foot deep porches provide weather protection and shade for entries.  Window manufacturer (somehow!) made bottom sash with 9 lites instead of 6; they will be replaced.Workshop opens to vineyard on the west.  Exterior materials are cedar channel siding and corrugated steel roofing.  The siding matches other buildings on site.