Phinney Bungalow
Street view with new second floor and porch.  Materials and details for addition closely matched existing.  New porch roof provides shelter, but also reduces scale at entry.Covered porch opens to a pergola above windows.  As in the bungalow era, we embellished entry with extra detail and care.View from living room shows where dining room wall was removed.  We built cased openings with columns and cabinets to recover rooms' original shape, and improve utility. New dining room wainscot and plate rail set height for partial walls and linen cabinet in hall.  Partial walls allow more natural light into hall and stairwell. This is the new master bedroom.  Built-ins included bookcases, as well as remote controlled gas fireplace, video and audio systems, venting skylights and ceiling fan. Side view of house with new partial second floor.  Original brick chimney was extended in wood framing and covered with a clinker brick veneer, as were porch foundation walls.
We added a new partial second floor to this 1924 bungalow in Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle. New space is a master suite below vaulted ceilings.  In a previous remodel, the wall between living and dining rooms had been removed.  We restored shape of these rooms, yet left them open to one another. Covered entry porch and terrace are also new.
Photos by David Whelan