Ravenna Romantic
View from back porch of house during construction shows new sunroom and garage.  Impact of two car garage on garden was reduced by adding sunroom, dormer, and other small-scaled details."Cottage" during construction-- sunroom was intended to look like an addition to the garage. Terra cotta shingles are similar in color to house facebrick, so the two buildings would appear compatible.Sunroom was built with cedar board and batt walls, to contrast with stucco garage.  This view was taken during construction.Sunroom has French doors on three sides that open to a raised terrace. Retaining wall with stone cap is at bench height.  Stepped terraces provide an easy transition from alley garage to house.
Inside, sunroom has a vaulted ceiling with exposed beams and a real masonry wood burning Rumford fireplace.   Bluestone terrace and exterior stucco continue indoors.  Plank door next to fireplace leads to garage.  For homeowners, this is like having a vacation house in their backyard.Garage doors open onto alley.  Along south side of garage are terraces that step with natural grade to the house, seen beyond. Side door is entry to garage with storage loft access above.  These wonderful colors seem to make their own sunshine.New master suite was built inside former attic of main house.  Bath is two steps up since living room below has a higher ceiling.  A wrought iron railing encloses the  stairwell while keeping the space open. View inside new master bath shows built-in storage below eaves.  Skylights and high windows bring borrowed light into dressing area and stairwell. Shower on far wall includes a limestone niche and bench.
We added this picturesque two car garage and sunroom to a 1930s period revival house in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle. The garden room became a backyard retreat.  New stone terraces step with natural grade, linking the house to gardens, "cottage" and alley. We also built within the main house a new master suite in former attic space.
Photos of completed project by David Whelan