Ashbourne House
This is front view of house with  restoration complete.  We restored original integral gutters with rolled roofing.  Earthy Arts & Crafts color palette is intended to make the house merge with natural site.Backyard view of house during construction shows extent of restoration.  Note flimsy eave detail without original integral gutter and rafter tails.  This poor wisteria vine actually recovered, and flourished.This is a view of back after restoration with restored eaves, roofing and pergola.Closeup of entry to breakfast room shows restored exterior details.This view of restored living room taken at night includes doorway to entry hall on the right and dining room beyond.Living room during construction shows woodwork before it was refinished.  Sagging joists have been reinforced, and a new ceiling installed.  Sunroom is beyond fireplace.Night view of restored living room taken from dining room shows restored woodwork and tile fireplace.Sunroom fireplace, back to back with living room fireplace, was also restored.  Purple-hued brick like this was popular in Craftsman era, and sometimes referred to as "bluebrick."  Mortar was darkened with lamp black.This view from top of stairs shows new landing and storage.  We modeled original carpentry details on first floor, and continued them upstairs in reconfigured rooms.This is a new second floor bath with period design and fixtures.
We completely restored the  1909 Ashbourne house by architect Frederick Noonan. Entry and principal rooms on first floor were restored closely to original design, but bedrooms and baths on second floor were reworked. Although new, we modeled existing details, and they  appear appropriate for the period. Roofs were restored with original integral gutters, roofing and exposed rafters.